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Genealogy Research

Worldwide assistance.
Lost relatives, DNA, probate, identity verification and more.

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We find people.

How well do you know yourself and the story that got you to right now? The twists, turns and adventures of those who came before you. Their steps laying the way for your life today.

We help you discover the story of your family. We like to think outside of the box and help you get to know your people.

We also provide worldwide assistance with lost relatives, DNA, probate, identity verification and more.

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Hello package.

We'll start the journey, discover more about your grandparents and great grandparents. The places they lived, the events they experienced. You’ll get the beginnings of your family tree and your story.

Bespoke research.

Looking for answers about a particular person or branch of your family? Bespoke research is available for clients worldwide.


Historical Search Services
A search service for genealogists, researchers and heritage professionals.


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History's search engine.
Search, share and help us tag seven million retro images from Flickr Commons.


Exhibition on the history of photography at the Smithsonian, 1913 from Pastpin


Wiki of the past.
Genealogy articles that anyone can contribute to.


Telephone operators at the U.S. Capitol switchboard, 1959 from Geopast Wiki


Find your Ancestor's postcards.
They're the Instagram of the past.


Postcards from PostcardTree


Beautiful old maps and aerials of your neighbourhood.
The history of your street.


Sydney Harbour 1982 from MapLover

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We can research all over the world. And we're always up for a new challenge.

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Who, What, Why, Where, When!

Discover the story of your family. Find lost relatives around the world. We deliver solutions for individuals, legal firms and government.

We also develop startup ideas for the genealogy industry. We're passionate about historical content, the human experience and helping people make new connections.

What client's say...Only a genealogist regards a step backwards as progress.